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Global Digital Leaders

Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate Program

Content & Purpose

Global Digital Leaders - Digital Transformation Leadership Certificate Program, is an accelerated executive development program that aims to empower business leaders to overcome complex challenges of digital transformation journey at their organizations. In this respect, the program intends to develop "Next Generation Leaders" by providing essential leadership skills required for the digital age, as well as how these skills create an impact on the organization. 

The participants will gain knowledge about changing customer requirements, designing the strategy and creating an enabling context in the era of digital disruption. They will obtain valuable insights about how other organizations are re-thinking their picture of success by examining the best practices on board. They will have a substantial understanding of how they can cope with the upcoming challenges and lead the way in the digital age. 

Who Should Attend

Global Digital Leaders Program is designed for business executives seeking to develop a comprehensive perspective needed to lead an organization, a department or a team into the digital world.

Therefore the program aims;

  • Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, C Level Executives, and Board Members

Experienced in diverse business functions such as;

  • General Management, IT / IS, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, and Operations

With an upcoming agenda to provide strategic understanding, organizational wisdom and innovative solutions to their teams in today's digital age. 

Applicant Profile / Restrictions

For this seven day accelerated executive development program, successful applicants should carry out the below qualifications to be eligible for the program; 

  • Minimum 10 years of working experience 
  • Having experience in a managerial or team leading position within a company 
  • At least an undergraduate degree 
  • Fluent in English (Program will be conducted in English)

* Besides the above qualifications, application of family company leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals in governmental organizations, and Non-profit organization members are welcomed as well. 

** All applications will be reviewed and confirmed by the admission committee to ensure the level and diversity of the participant profile. Maximum 2 people from the same industry will be accepted to ensure the diversity in the program. 

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Learning Content & Dates

Istanbul & Paris | November 2019

Day 1: Data Privacy in Digital World & Board Member Orientation in Digital World & Next Generation Employees
Data Privacy in the Digital World Privacy Issues & Regulatory Requirements
Board Agenda in the Digital Transformation Era Organizational & Cultural Challenges through Digital Transformation
Board Member Orientation to Digitalization Managing Digital Transformation Process
Needs & Expectation of Next Generation Employees Main Strengths and Characteristics of Next Generation Employees
Day 2: Digitalization and Innovation & Digitalization Across the Value Chain & Organizational Transformation and Leadership & Agile Way of Working
Shifting Customer Expectations and Change in Banking Improving Productivity through Digitalization
Digitalization Help to Understand and Serve to Customers Speed and Efficiency through Digitalization
Trends in Today's Digital External Era Digital Organizations & Digital Customers
Leadership in the Digital Age Digital Leadership Competencies 
Future of Cultural and Workplace Environment Leading the Organizational Transformation
Digital Way of Working & New Trends Agile Working & Agile Organization
Day 3: Digital World & Strategy: Coping with Opportunities
Strategy & Strategic Management in the Digital World Study Opportunities from Digital-based Business to Asset Optimization
(Re)Invent Products, Services, Value Chains, and Processes Implementing Analytical Tools of Digitalization
(Re)Thinking Innovation Strategies Disruption & Open Innovation
Case Study - Digital World & Strategy
Day 4: Digital World & Organization: Creating an Enabling Context
Diagnosing Organizational Structure & Culture for Digital Transformation Identifying Organizational & Cultural Challenges for Digital Transformation
Identifying Enabling Conditions for Succesful Digital Transformation Implementing Enabling Conditions for Succesful Digital Transformation
Managing the Digital Transformation Process  Evaluating the Digital Transformation Process
Case Study: Digital Transformation & Organization
Day 5: Constructing Global Business Savvy & Global Digitalization
From Global Context to Strategy of the Company New Issues from a Changing World
Being a Global Digital Savvy Applying a Business Model Approach to Internationalize the Company
Day 6: Financialization of Corporate Strategy & Global Financialization
Understanding the Main Indicators of Value Creation When is a Company Creating Value and How to Improve Value Creation?
Understanding the Financial Impact of Strategy What are the Impacts of Major Strategic Decisions on Parameters of Value Creation?
Day 7: Digital Transformation In Action
Global Headquarters' Visit of Leading Two Organizations to understand and practice the Digital Transformation & Experience Sharing Sessions
Final Session: Q&A, Evaluation & Review of the Program, Certificate Ceremony, Networking Time


For more information about the instructor please click on the photo.

Dr. Eric Lamarque
IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School
Dr. Jérôme Caby
IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School
Dr. Didier Chabaud
IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School
Dr. Geraldine Schmidt
IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School
Bülent Pehlivan
B/S/H Turkey - Board Member
Mehmet Kürşad Demirkol
QNB Finansbank - Board Member
Meltem Bakiler Şahin
Vodafone - Board Member
Bülent Bayram
Vodafone - HR Director
Hande Şenova
KPMG Turkey - Head of Advisory
Ehtiram Ismayilov
KPMG Turkey - IRM Director
Emre Çavuşoğulları
KPMG Turkey - HR Director
Yasin Altunkaya
Data Expert Executive Search - Partner

Program Details

Practical Information about the Program

Program Lenght: 56 Hours (7 Days)
Locations: Istanbul (2 Days) & Paris (5 Days)
Date & Time: Istanbul (Sat - Sun) & Paris (Week) // 09:30 - 17:30
19 - 20 October 2019 / Istanbul & 4-5-6-7-8 November 2019 / Paris

Program Calendar: Q4 - November 2019 // Istanbul & Paris
(Vodafone Future Lab, Istanbul, Turkey) & (IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School, Paris, France)
Participants will attend to two-day training and experience sharing sessions organized by BMI in Istanbul, Vodafone Future Lab, on the weekend of 19-20 October 2019. Then they will travel to Paris, France in the following weekend to participate one-week long training, workshop and experience sharing sessions organized by IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School in the first week of November 2019. Within this scope, 8th of November is dedicated to visiting of leading companies headquarters in Paris, for experience sharing sessions and observing the digital transformation in action. 

Candidates who successfully completed the program (min. attendance 80%) will be eligible for an official executive education certificate by IAE - Paris Sorbonne Business School, as well as an official participation certificate by Business Management Institute. 

For apply, all candidates should fulfill the application form and should send a CV or brief resume of their career to the program coordinator. Upon the review and confirmation of the admission committee, payment and final registration process will be guided by the program coordinator. 
Application Period: June - October 2019
Application Deadline: 15 October 2019
Program Fee: 4.200 € + VAT *
* Early registration discount of 10%, until 15 September 2019.
** Multiple Registration discount of 10%, for 3 or more persons. 

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